Multimedia software is defined as the combination of text, audio, images, animation, or video to produce interactive content. Learn about media players, file formats, and how to work with audio and video software.

Multimedia software can be entertaining as well as useful. You can play music on your computer, listen to the sound an animal makes while browsing a disk about the zoo, hear actual recordings of famous speeches, view a video clip of a historic event, watch an animation about how a car engine works, hear the correct pronunciation of a word or phrase, view full color photographs of famous works of art or scenes from nature, listen to the sounds of different musical instruments, hear works of music by renowned composers, or watch a movie on your computer.

Best Multimedia Software

Today multimedia is indeed used in almost every professional field. Making it impossible for us to imagine this world without multimedia. You can find it used in various businesses. Like creative industries, pharmaceutical industries, entertainment, etc.

1) VLC Media Player

2) Picasa

3) Media Monkey

4) Inkscape

5) Windows Movie Maker